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Frequently Asked Questions on ShareKaro

What is ShareKaro?

ShareKaro is a one-stop shop for all your file sharing needs. It's faster than Bluetooth, more reliable than Wi-Fi, and easier to use than any other file sharing app on the market. With ShareKaro, you can share any type of file with any device, anywhere, in seconds.

What types of files can I share using ShareKaro?

ShareKaro can share any type of file, including apps, music, videos, documents, photos, and more. There's no size limit, so you can share even the largest files with ease.

How fast is ShareKaro?

This app is really fast and reliable. While we test this app, we got up to 20 MB/s of speed. That means you can share even the largest files in seconds.

Is ShareKaro safe?

Yes, ShareKaro is very safe to use. It uses a variety of security measures to protect your files, including encryption and authentication. You can be confident that your files are safe when you share them with ShareKaro.

How much does ShareKaro cost?

This app is totally free. You can download it from this page for your device and install it. There are also no hidden cost.

What devices are compatible with ShareKaro?

ShareKaro is compatible with all Android devices, PCs, and iOS devices. You can download it for any of these devices from this page. You can even share files with non-Android devices using the ShareKaro web browser.

Can I also transfer files with non-Android devices?

Yes, you can share files with any device using ShareKaro, including non-Android devices such as PCs, iOS devices, and Jio Phones. To do this, simply select the "Share with PC, iOS, Jio Phone" option in the app. The app will then generate a web link that you can share with the other device. The recipient can then download the file using their web browser.

I've seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

ShareKaro app has many extra features with high-speed file sharing. You can also scan documents, download popular videos from Instagram and Facebook, manage your files and also clear junk files from your Android or iOS device.

How do I fix ShareKaro not sending/not receiving/not connecting problems?

There are a few things you can try: 1. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 2. Restart both devices. 3. Update the ShareKaro app on both devices. 4. Clear the ShareKaro app cache and data on both devices. 5. Grant all necessary permissions to the ShareKaro app on both devices. If you're still having trouble connecting, please contact ShareKaro support for assistance.


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